Eagar Elementary School
4th Grade Class

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This is a picture of the 1962/63 4th Grade class at Eagar Elementary School.  The picture was taken by Art Eagar before the class went to sing at their classmate’s funeral.  Classmate Randy Lund was involved in an automobile/bicycle accident and passed away from resulting injuries.  The picture was taken on the front steps of the Eagar Elementary School, which is now the Eagar Town Hall.

4th Grade

Front Row: Delores Miller, [ ? ], Fernando Alverez, Dusty Brown, Patricia Bigelow, Steve Slade, Steve Burk, Glenda Antonio, [ ? ]

Row 1.5: Daniel DcClay,

Row 2: Bill Greenwood, Johny Hall, Jolyn Talsma, Pat Mills, Craig Crosby, Marshall Reed, Cindy Brown, Billy Finch, Gregory Lee, donna LeSueur, Peggy Slade, [ ? ]

Row 3: [ ? ], Raymond Colelay, Kayle Hamblin, Scott Crosby, Danny Austin, Elaine Wilkins, Homer Rogers

Row 4: Ellis Lund, Mike McKnnis, Steve Wiltbank, David Waldin, Don LeSueur, Dean Wiltbank, Jimmy Brown