Saturday, November 27, 2021
Round Valley Unified Schools
Teacher Websites

Welcome to the Round Valley Schools Teacher Website directory. Click on a BLUE teacher's name to view their website. Names in black have not finished their website yet.

RV High School

Teacher Teacher Teacher Teacher
Bell, Brian Green, Leighayn Pulsipher, Michelle  
Bell, Marcus Haws, Mona Quetel, Tamara  
Bingham, Andy Hudson, Timothy Seva, Raymund  
Coombs, Jeri Latham, Shannon Tenney, Rhett  
Crosby, Jimmy Lewis, Ira Tenney, Sandy  
Ditmore, Devin Nelson, Amber Vance, Kenny  
  Nelson, Shawna Wagner, Debbie  
  Pena, Andrea    
  Pena, Stephan    

RV Middle School

Teacher Teacher Teacher Teacher
Cochran, Jeff Phelps, Guy Shumway, Rynda Willis, Suzanne
Flores, Vanessa Robinson, Jamie Silva, Traci Workman, Crystal
Hart, Becky Rose, Suzie Simpson, Marlon Workman, Todd
Matthews, Perri Schertz, Barb Tucker, Pat 5th grade website
Martin, Hope Scott-Rugg, Kathleen Turley, Karl  
Morgan, Kim Sherwood, James Udall, Darla  

RV Elementary School

Teacher Teacher Teacher Teacher
Adams, Shannon Groves, Karen Ramos, Meliza  
Allen, Julie Hamblin, Melissa Salazar, Caty Pre-School
Arreola, Lily Hogle, Stephanie Schley, Claudia Larson, Bobbie
Carter, Amy Holliday, Jolean Schweigert, Amy  
Donaldson, Marcelle Hyer, Kamiayn Shumway, Lindsay 2nd GRADE
Eagar, April Kortan, Heather Slade, Tina  
Fetter, Dawnetta Nanny, Maureen Sorenson, Kathy 4th GRADE
Gillespie, Kristen Nicolds, Kayla Udall, Amy  
Gilliam, Brittany Prochnow, Stephanie Williams, Nancy EASY-TECH
Goodsell, Jody Quinlan, Sherry    

White Mountain Academy

Teacher Teacher Teacher Teacher
Matthews, Chris      

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