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Child Find Policies and Procedures

In compliance with federal legislation, Round Valley Schools has established the following policies and procedures for child find purposes:


  1. All youth with disabilities, including those attending private schools who are in need of special education and related services are identified, located and evaluated (34 CFR 300.125)
  2. A practical method has been developed and implemented to determine which youth are currently receiving needed special education and related services (34 CFR 300.125
  3. This policy applies to highly mobile youth with disabilities and those suspected of having a disability under 34 CFR 300.7 and are in need of special education, even though they are advancing from grade to grade (34 CFR 300.125)

Procedures (include, but not limited to)

  1. Round Valley Schools will maintain documentation of public awareness  efforts for the availability of special education services within district jurisdiction, including private and religious schools (34 CFR 300.125; A.A.C. R707-401)
  2. All Kindergarten students, new enrollees, and those who transfer into Round Valley Schools will receive screening services
  3. Screening will occur within 45 days of enrollment
  4. Screening will include academic, cognitive, vision, hearing, communication, emotional and psychomotor areas (A.A.C. R702-401(c))
  5. If screenings show no concerns, related forms are filed with respective student records
  6. If screenings produce concerns, appropriate administrative actions are taken and may include the formation of child study teams
  7. Child study team activities include reviewing student records and consulting with student’s parents, teachers, school administration, and other appropriate staff to determine courses of action to assist the student to succeed in the general education program at Round Valley Schools – this may include but is not limited to referral for evaluation by special education staff 
  8. The Special Services Office, Round Valley Schools will maintain documentation and report yearly the number of students by disability category who have been identified, located, and evaluated (34 CFR 300.125)
  9. For students enrolled in private or religious schools, Round Valley Schools will consult yearly with those school staffs to determine the number of students identified, located, and evaluated, regardless of whether or not these students are receiving services (34 CFR 300.454).1000
  10. Children participating in early intervention services who are expected to participate in preschool or Head Start programs for children with disabilities will receive effective transition services including
    1. Transition conferences will usually occur between children’s ages of two years, six months and two years, nine months
    2. By a child’s third birthday, educational plans will be developed and used to ensure a free and appropriate public education (34 CFR 300.132)
    3. For children who become three years old during the summer, a team will meet to determine the starting date for services, including eligibility for extended school year services (34 CFR 300.121, A.A.C. R702-401)
  11. Round Valley Schools will notify Arizona Early Intervention Program within two business days of receipt of a concern about a child from birth to age two using the Arizona’s Child Find Tracking Form and maintain a copy of this form for meeting compliance monitoring
  12. For children in the two year, six-to-nine month age range referred to Round Valley Schools from Arizona Early Intervention Program, school staff will participate in the eligibility process
  13. For eligible children in the two year, nine month to three year aged range, Round Valley Schools will participate in developing educational plans ensuring a free and appropriate public education, including consideration for extended school year by the child’s third birthday
  14. For children aged three to five years old, Round Valley Schools will screen and/or evaluate to determine special education and related services eligibility

Point of Contact Special

Services Office
Round Valley Schools
PO Box 610 ~ Springerville, AZ 85938
(928) 333-6680

Adopted by Round Valley Unified School District No. 10 School Board – 1/2006