Tuesday, August 3, 2021

School Emergency
Information for Paremts

School safety

Current Emergency-Related Activities in School District:


In the event of an Emergency, please Visit this page, wait for a phone call from our School Reach phone system, and tune in to our local radio statons first before contacting your school or the RVUSD District Office. The most current Emergency Information will be posted here and sent out, to keep phone lines clear for first-responders. District personnel will contact families via SCHOOL REACH phone calls and emails with information as soon as possible.


Current Drills Scheduled in School District  


Parents:  Please do not come to the school during a Lockdown or Lockdown Drill.  If you arrive at the school during a Lockdown, please return to your car immediately.  In an actual Lockdown situation, standing in front of the school waiting for it to open could create a safety hazard or possible hostage situation from dangerous individuals in the vicinity.

For the safety of your children, each school in the district is required to perform two scheduled Emergency Lockdown Drills during the year in order to maintain readiness for a real emergency situation.  This is only a TEST.  These drills normally last from 20 to 30 minutes.  

During a Lockdown Drill, the exercise is conducted as if there were an actual Emergency Lockdown, with officers responding and going through the campus as they would in a real situation.  The school remains in Lockdown until responding officers declare the campus free of threat and the principal calls all-clear after achieving 100% student accountability.  The campus remains completely closed to parents and/or visitors throughout the exercise.

PLEASE DO NOT WAIT OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL OFFICE during a Lockdown.  This may put you in danger and hinder responding officers!

In a true emergency, updated information about the emergency will be posted here, phone calls will be made via our School Reach calling system, and announcements made on outr local radio stations, with instructions on how you should proceed. 

Round ValleyEmergency Management Plan consists of:

  • Prevention: Action(s) taken to decrease the likelihood that an event or crisis will occur.
  • Mitigation: Action(s) taken to eliminate or reduce the loss of life and property damage related to an event(s) that cannot be prevented.
  • Preparedness: Deliberate, critical tasks and activities undertaken before an event occurs that are necessary to build, sustain, and improve the ability to deal with an emergency or disaster.
  • Response: Actions taken to effectively contain and resolve an emergency, when the School Site Emergency Response Plans are put into action.
  • Recovery: Designed to assist students, staff, and their families in the healing process and to restore educational operations in schools.
  • Crisis Response Plan: Action(s) to deal with the traumatic ramifications of a death in the school community, helping students and staff process their grief effectively and allow students to return to learning.
  • Infectious Disease Plan: Planned actions to deal with the event of MRSA or Pandemic Influenza outbreak.
  • Emergency Considerations for Individuals with Special Needs
  • School Site Emergency Response Plans: Individualized response actions to manage emergency and/or crisis events at the school site level.

The Incident Command System (ICS) and National Incident Management System (NIMS) will be used to manage all emergencies that occur with the district.

The district Emergency Management Team, under direction of the Superintendent of Education and school site Principal, together have the primary responsibility for developing and implementing the district Emergency Management Plan and School Site Emergency Response  Plan, and executing the policies developed by the district.

Active Emergency Contact Information
Travis Udall, Public Information Officer - (928) 333-6592

Emergency Readiness Information
Merrell Hamblin, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator - (928) 333-6589
Travis Udall, District Superintendent - (928) 333-6592