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Round Valley Dome

Position Name
Events Director Office 928-333-6861 Daniel Heinemann Cell: 928-245-2444

Athletic Director Office 928-333-6812

Chris Matthews Cell: 928-245-5339

Maintenance Supervisor Office: 928-333-6861

Daniel Heinemann Cell: 928-245-2444
Head Football CoachOffice 928-333-6868 Marcus Bell Cell: 245-3017

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Event Schedule
2016 - 2017

*All dome scheduling must be approved by Athletic Director and/or Events Director

Also please see the" District Calendar & Elk Sports " page for more events scheduled in the RV Dome

Date Time Event
Nov 14-...   HVAC Cleanout
Nov 20   Turf Removal
Dec 8-10   Round Ball Shoot-Out
Dec 7   6 Way Wrestling
April 8 All Day Special Olympics Regionals
April 21-23 All Day Delta Darts - Model Airplanes
April 8 All Day Special Olympics Regionals
April 21-23 All Day Delta Darts - Model Airplanes
April 29 All Day Chrome in the Dome
May 24 All Day RVHS Graduation

Dome Information

The Round Valley Ensphere (Dome) is a dramatic manifestation of the vision and courage of the twin communities of Eagar and Springerville Arizona. As a facility, it is the first fully day lighted dome of its kind, letting not only light but also heat enter the 8,000,000(eight million) cubic feet of space. Together with natural ground heat emission, the temperature is maintained to within a few degrees year-around, requiring a minimum of energy. Acoustically, the shell ceiling absorbs 90 percent of sound creating clarity of voice announcements and musical performances.

The Round Valley Ensphere, a reticulated glue-laminated timber dome seating 5,000, was constructed to accommodate football, basketball, track, softball, volleyball, wrestling, and physical education. The Ensphere’s field level, with its many configurations and varying floor surfaces, provides for a great number of athletic activities. The Dome provides a field area of 113,000 square feet for football, an eight-lane, 200-meeter track with 110-meter straightaway, long and high jumps, pole vault and seven basketball / volleyball / tennis / badminton courts, or any combination thereof and 2 High School regulation portable wood basketball courts.

Team facilities, lockers and showers (Which can accommodate six teams simultaneously), storage and laundry facilities are located on the field level. Seating access, restrooms, offices and concessions are located on the concourse level.

The dome lends itself to many community activities, conventions, exhibitions, fairs and concerts as well as a multitude of high school and middle school sporting events, various assemblies and field days.

Public areas

The public can approach from both the West and East. Approach roads partially circle the building, forming marquees for busses and passenger cars. Parking for 400 cars and 18 busses is close by, with overflow parking for an additional 300 cars on school property.

The concourse is approximately 250 feet long and varies from 25 to 45 feet wide. Ten stairways lead up to the seating area with an elevator available for lower floor access. There are two separate concession areas available for event support. Two blocks of public restrooms are available on the concourse.

Sponsored Events

  • Football, Basketball, Wrestling and Volleyball Tournaments
  • Football, Basketball, Wrestling, Volleyball, Baseball and Soccer Camps
  • Band Camps
  • Annual Round Valley Round Ball Shoot-out Basketball Tournament
  • Annual Round Valley's "Survival of the Fittest" Wrestling Tournament
  • Annual Round Valley Invitational Track and Field Meet
  • "Chrome In The Dome" Car Show
  • Trade Shows
  • Special Olympics Practice Site
  • Expos
  • Concerts

Dome Specifications

  • Dome Diameter: 400 Feet
  • Footprint: 152,000 Sq. Ft.
  • Height: 104 Feet at Center
  • Fixed Seating: 3,500
  • Movable Seating: 1,830
  • Handicapped Seating: 18
  • Field Seating: 3,870
  • Maximum Seating: 9,200
  • Field Area: 120,000 Sq. Ft.
  • Total Floor Area: 189,000 Sq. Ft.
  • Total Ground Area: 650,000 Sq. Ft.


Rental Fees

Dome Fee Schedule

Fee Classifications:

  • Class 1 - Round Valley Schools and associated organizations (Public Benefit).
  • Class 2 - Profit making ventures and commercial organizations.
  • Class 3 - Special Use (Sports)


  Class 1 Class 2 Class 3
Dome Concourse No Charge $500 per day N/A
Dome (Main Floor) No Charge $1200 per day  
Sports Camps No Charge N/A $150 per player*
*price includes use of facility(s), weight room, and 3 meals (does not include hotel cost)
*transportation to/from hotel can be arranged with Events Director with prior notification (bus and vehicle rates may apply)
*arrangements can be made to stay overnight at the Dome if desired


  • All dome scheduling must be approved by the site Athletic Director and/or Events Director
  • The dome is available year around and will be scheduled accordingly (upon request)
  • All organizations or individuals using facilities must provide a certificate of insurance
  • Facilities used on holidays will be charged at twice the regular rate
  • All dome fees include one supervisor and custodial services

Bus and Vehicle Rates

(Rates include all fuel, wages, insurance and expenses except meals and lodging for the drivers.)

Cars .445 per mile
Small Vans .445 per mile
Large Vans .445 per mile (7 passingers pluss driver)
Small White Bus 1.00 per mile (14 passingers pluss driver)
Less Than 8 Hours 8-15 Hours Over 15 Hrs***
Yellow Bus $2.42 per mile State Rate (***State Rate + Extra Driver Cost for longer trips)

Local Restaruants and Hotels
Local Restaurants Local Hotels
928-333-1446 * 140 N. Main St, Eagar
Best Western Sunrise Inn
928-333-2540 * 128 N. Main St, Eagar
Dairy Queen
928-333-2251 * 367 N. Main St, Eagar
Rode Inn and Suites
928-333-4365 * 242 E. Main St, Springerville
Sonic Drive-In
928-333-3833 * 640 N. Main St, Eagar
America's Best Value Inn
928-333-2655 * 136 W Main St, Springerville
  Reed's Lodge
928-333-4323 * 514 E. Main St, Springerville
Booga Red's
928-333-2640 * 521 E. Main St, Springerville
El Jo Motor Inn
928-333-4314 * 425 E. Main St, Springerville
928-333-4504 * 100 Main St, Springerville
White Mountain Motel
928-333-5428 * 333 E. Main St, Springerville
928-333-4512 * 411 E. Main St, Springerville
China Garden
928-333-3222 * 299 S. Mountain Ave, Ste. C Springerville
928-333-5544 * 830 E. Main St, Springerville
928-333-1111 * 262 W Main St., Springerville
Goob's Pizza
928-333-1502 * 211 S. Mountain Ave, Springerville