Round Valley Unified Schools
Round Valley Eagar / Springerville Arizona

Here cool summers offer boating on more than two dozen crisp mountain lakes, horseback riding beneath whispering pines, fishing in sparkling streams, and some of the worlds best hunting. And winter is a wonderland of alpine and cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and ice fishing. Campgrounds abound here in two national forests and surrounding areas, or enjoy the hospitality of the mountain communities of Eagar and Springerville. Arizona's High Country is a summer retreat and a winter ski haven. It's an area where spring thaws produce acres of wildflowers in the mountain meadows, and where autumn brings a riot of colors with the changing leaves. Elk, deer, bears, and even mountain lions roam the forests here. Beavers build dams on rushing brooks, and trout fill the streams. Round Valley. A visit here will never be forgotten.

The towns of Eagar and Springerville are located adjacent to one another in a beautiful mountain valley of central eastern Arizona.  Surrounded on all sides by hills and the White Mountains. Valley Redondo (as named by the first Spanish settlers) or Round Valley rests at an elevation of 7000 feet.

The first official school in Springerville was opened  in 1880 with the first school in Eagar not opening until 1896.  The schools were consolidated in 1969.