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Round Valley (Eagar / Springerville) History

This page has been added to offer a place for people to add historical information. The documents and storys here are the memories of those who have lived here or who have an interest in the area. This page is not intended to represent facts about the area. It is simply here for information and emjoyment.  If you have any information that could be added to the page, please contact the Webmaster .

Some alumni have put together several "Round Valley Alumni" sites and requested that we place their address on this site.  These sites are in no way connected with the Round Valley School District.


Where is Round Valley
Eagar History by Clarcia Ashcroft Eagar and Richard Lynch
Eagar History by Clarcia Eagar
Eagar History as presented by Gloria Eagar
Springerville History by Jack Becker
The Gateway by Steve Hamblin
The Biggest Little Town of Highway 60 by A.P.Romero
An Era of Unusual Rules - NavApache Independent Sept.,17, 1987
Eagar - Round Valley History - Arizona100 History Blog
Digitized Historical Apache County Newspapers
Southern Apache County in the 1880's  "The St. Johns Herald"
Photos of the area in 1940, Interactive US Map by Yale Research team (selected photos by Russell Lee)
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Maveric - AZ Highways