Tuesday, June 22, 2021
Round Valley Middle School
Dress Code

2016-17 Dress Code

The District’s dress code is established to maintain a safe, orderly environment for students and staff.   The dress code is intended to assist with the prevention of disruption, safety hazards, and to teach personal hygiene.  The dress code for Round Valley Schools is as follows:
1. The Administration reserves the right to consider a student’s attire inappropriate or distracting.  Students who violate the dress code will be asked to change their clothes or will be sent home. Persistent dress code violations will result in suspension from school.
2. Clothing or jewelry which refers to or displays writing or pictures that communicate pornographic ideas, gang affiliation, obscene gestures or language, or the advertisement of drugs, tobacco or alcoholic beverage, are prohibited.
3. No chains (such as wallet chains) are allowed.
4. Hats/caps are not to be worn in the buildings. 
5. Bandanas are prohibited.
6. “Sagging” pants are prohibited.  The waistline of the pant is to be worn on the person’s waist, not below.  The crotch must fit properly.  The pant must fit without a belt.  If a belt is worn it is to be secured in the pant belt loops.   7. Long shirts worn to cover “sagging”, will be required to be tucked in. 
8. Shorts or skirts/dresses must reach at least mid-thigh in length (NOTE: fingertip measurement is not a guid).  Cutoffs, spandex, and other tight fitting articles of clothing are prohibited as outside garments.
9. Holes or slits in clothing are prohibited (this includes wearing spandex, etc. underneath the outer clothing). Neatly patched holes are allowed.
10. Clothing that displays or suggests gang involvement or activity is prohibited.  This sends a challenging message of intimidation, threat, and fear, and is a disruption and interference in the education of students.
11. Clothing, such as tank tops, sheer blouses, mesh shirts, tube tops, and halter tops, bare midriffs, crop tops, and sleeveless, and loop garments are prohibited. Normal movement of the body should not reveal breasts, abdomen, buttocks or the groin area.
12. Sunglasses are not to be worn in the building.  The exception is to have a Dr.’s prescription for the sun glasses to be worn for a period of time. 
13.  Shoes must be worn at all times.  House shoes or flip flops are not allowed.  
14.  Body piercing is not allowed.

The dress code listed above applies to our elementary students.  We do however have a few specifics regarding dress code for our younger student.

  • Because our students are on the playground, and the play equipment area (swings, slides, etc.) has a bedding of wood chips underneath, it is important that students wear proper shoes.  No sandals, flip-flops are allowed as the wood chips/dirt/gravel gets inside the shoe.  A closed-toe shoe such as a gym shoe is recommended.  We also recommend that students do not wear shoes with heels.


  • Dress/skirts – students do need to wear shorts underneath.  Our younger students (especially kindergarten and 1st grade) tend to be on the floor for certain activities (reading groups/circle time, etc.). Shorts underneath the dress ensures proper coverage.