Tuesday, June 22, 2021
Round Valley High School
Grading Options

  • A+ 98-100 
  • A 93-97
  • A- 90-92
  • B+ 88-89
  • B 83-87
  • B- 80-82
  • C+ 78-79  
  • C 73-77  
  • C- 70-72
  • D+ 68-69 
  • D 63-67
  • D- 60-62
  • F+ 58-59
  • F 53-57
  • F- 0-52

Students may only choose one core class each year. (Head start/Primary/ Intermediate school internships, work study, teacher aides, library/office school service aides, and other interns are automatically given a "P" or "F" grade which doesn't count against the one core class choice).  This option is designed to encourage students to take courses they would not otherwise take because of grade point average considerations.  It allows the student to utilize a grading system that will not affect his/her overall grade point average. It will affect them positively if an "A" is earned or negatively if an  is earned.  Approval of teacher, parent, and counselor is required.  Full credit is given to the class.  Students enrolled in "A/Pass/Fail" will receive the grade "A" when that grade is earned.  Other grades, "B, C, D," will appear on transcripts as a "P".  Students who earn the equivalent of an "F" will receive an "F" on the transcript.  Students must choose their one pass fail class during the first 5 weeks of the semester they take that class.  Forms can be picked up in the counseling office area.