Tuesday, June 22, 2021
Round Valley High School
Complete Fee Listing
Departmentl Fees:
Activity Card (Optional) $25.00
Art Fee $20.00
Auto Fee $20.00
Welding Fee $20.00
Woodshop Fee $20.00
Shop Projects Varies
P.E. / Weights Uniform $15.00
Co-Curricular Fees:
A.D. (Academic Decathlon) $20.00
Drama $20.00
Music $20.00
Extra Curricular Fees:
Baseball $25.00
Basketball (Boys) $25.00
Basketball (Girls) $25.00
Cheerleading (JV) $25.00
Cheerleading (JV) $25.00
Football $25.00
Soccer (Boys) $25.00
Soccer (Girls) $25.00
Softball $25.00
Track $25.00
Volleyball $25.00
Wrestling $25.00
Book Fees Varies
P.E. Locks $5.00

* Extracurricular activities are: All interscholastic activities which are of a competitive nature and involve more than one school where a championship, winner, or rating is determined; and all those endeavors of a continuous and ongoing nature for which no credit is earned in meeting graduation or promotional requirements and are organized, planned, and sponsored by the district consistent with district policy. Arizona Administrative Code R7-2-808.B.1

No refund of fees will be made after school has been in session for 60 calendar days of the semester.