Reading Vocabulary
genre                       a type of literature
nonfiction                deals with facts and real events
fiction                      a created and imagined story
historical fiction       a fictional story that uses real facts from history
science fiction          a fictional story that deals with science, medicine, technology
myth                         a fictional story that deals with nature, Gods and/or Godesses
fable                         a fictional story that has personification and the story has a moral
tall tale                     a fictional story that uses exaggeration
fantasy                     a fictional story created by the imagination, a story that could never                                          happen
mystery                     a story that deals with crime and suspense, it could be fiction or                                               nonfiction
legend                       a fictional story that deals with a hero and it is passed down from                                            generation to generation
autobiography            a written history of a person's life written by himself
biography                   a written history of a person's life
realism                        a fictional story that seems real
protagonist                  the main character of the story
antagonist                   the opponent of the protagonist
conflict                       the problem of the story
climax                        the dramatic moment when the tension reaches its peak, the main event                                     of the story
setting                         where and when the story takes place
point of view              who is telling the story
first person                 a character in the story recounts his/her own experiences
third person limited    lets the reader know how one character feels, thinks and acts
third person omniscient the narrator has unlimited knowledge and can describe every                                                character's thoughts and behaviors
author's purpose          persuade, inform entertain
resolution                    how the conflict is resolved
theme                          the life lesson that the author wants the reader to learn
tone                             the tone expresses the writer's attitude
narrator                        the person telling the story
illustrator                     the person who draws the pictures for the book
author                          the person who wrote the story
bias                              a strong feeling for or against something