Sixth Grade Book Report Schedule

              Date         Type            Genre

                            Sept. 17th                      Guidelines                    Award Winning

                            October 22nd                Guidelines                    Mystery

                            November 19th             Packet                           Historical Fiction

                            December 17th             AR test                          Classic

                            January 21st                  AR test                          Free Choice

                            February 25th               Research Pkt                  Biography/Autobiography
                            Research paper will be completed in English class.

                            April 8th                       Creative & Oral                Science Fiction or

                            May 6th                        AR test                            Free Choice

All books must be 100 pages or more and they have to be books that have not been previously read.  An AR test will be taken on the due date for the book report but they can be taken earlier.  The AR program will not allow a student to take a test on a book that has been previously read so it is the student's responsibility to check the AR system for their test history.   Students cannot choose books that have been made into movies. 
AR test scores are used instead of the points.  Reading time will be documented on the reading log that is turned in with the book report.