Example of a written book report using the guidelines.

1.      The title of the book is My Side of the Mountain and the author is Jean Craighead                 George.

2.      The genre is realistic fiction. 

3.      The tone of the book is adventurous.

4.      The author's purpose is entertainment.  This story was written to entertain readers and          teach them about survival skills.

5.      The point of view is third person.  A narrator is telling the story.

6.      The setting of the story is in the Catskill Mountains in New York. Sam lives in a                   hemlock tree.  The tree is on Sam's  great-grandfather's property. The time period is               during Sam's teenage years.  The story revolves around all the seasons.

7.      The conflict is Sam trying to survive the seasons and to be independent.  The conflict         is man vs nature.

8.      The resolution is Sam learns a variety of survival skills and becomes successful.

9.      The protagonist is a teenage boy named Sam Gribley.  He enjoys nature.  He lives in          a hemlock tree.  Sam is very independent.  Sam learns a variety of survival skills by              reading books and through experience.

10.     There is not an antagonist in the story.

11.     The theme of the story is to always be prepared.

12.      My Side of the Mountain is a story about a teenage boy that wants to gain his                        indepedence.  Sam Gribley wants to learn how to survive in the mountains.                             Sam learns a variety of survival skills and finds ways to live off of the land.  He has a            variety of animal friends.  Sam lives in a hemlock tree.  He learns to locate                            edible plants and to hunt.  He teaches a falcon to hunt for him.
           At the end of the story, Sam's family comes to live with him

13.      I enjoyed reading this book.  I would recommend that young boys read this book                    because boys like to be in the mountains.
14.      My favorite part is when Sam gets sprayed by a skunk.