1. If you haven't already downloaded the KompoZer software, click here first.

  2. Select the method of download based on your computer system (Preferably English). For PC's, I would recommend selecting "installer", and for Mac's, selecting "disk image".

  3. Once downloaded, open the ".exe" for the PC or ".dmg" for the Mac and install the program on the computer.

  4. Open the KompoZer program and begin creating your website. For information on creating a website, click here.

    Note: Be sure to save your first web page as index.html

  5. When you are ready to publish your first web page, please call the IT Department or send a helpdesk ticket to the IT Department, so then we can make a username and password for you to upload your files to the server at any time.

  6. Once you have your username and password, click on the publish icon at the top of the KompoZer window.

  1. The "Publish Page" window comes up.

  2. Under the "Settings" tab, In the "Site Name" text box (Marked 1), you will put the folder name you created when you called to set up a username and password.

  1. In the "Publishing address" text box (Marked 2), you will enter in "ftp://www.elks.net/www/

  2. In the area marked 3, you will put in your username and password that were given to you from the IT Department and check box "save password".

  3. Finally click "Publish" at the bottom of the window.

  4. When you are ready for your website to be seen by all, just call or send a helpdesk ticket to the IT Department.

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