Tuesday, August 3, 2021
Round Valley Unified Schools
Inclement Weather Information
Due to inclement weather or other emergency situations, it may be necessary to close schools for the entire day, to delay the start of school, or dismiss early. The procedures used in school closings are detailed below. Keep this information in a convenient location for future reference.

Parents are urged to make arrangements now for the care of their children when schedule changes are made (and to provide for the rare situation when it is necessary to close an individual school because of a power failure or other circumstances). Children should know where to go if a parent will not be home.

Decisions on schedule changes are made after careful study of the best information available from many sources including weather services, the highway department, the police, and RVUSD transportation staff members who are out checking the roads. While no sources dealing with weather predictions can be infallible, decisions are made with one overriding consideration—the safety of the students who ride buses or walk to school each day.

RV Schools have several schedules set up to deal with inclement weather. These schedules are put into effect when conditions threaten the safety of children who are walking or riding school buses to schools. These schedules include:

  1. Close Schools.
  2. Delay the start of school for 2 hours.
  3. Dismiss students one or two hours early.

In every case of a schedule change, the change will be posted on the District Web Site http://www.elks.net , and the news will be carried by as many of the following radio stations as possible. 
(KTHQ 92.5 FM, KRVZ 1400 AM, KQAZ 101.7 FM, KWKM 95.7 FM, KVSL 1450 AM, KRFM 96.5 FM, KVWM 970 AM)
All Radio Stations will be notified as soon as a decision is made.
Turn on your radio or check www.elks.net for the latest information.

When the decision is made to close schools all day or begin two hours late, we will make every effort to provide that information on our web site www.elks.net by 6 a.m.